News from Haiti

Friday, February 03, 2006

Baker Victory Offers Hopeful Future for Haiti (Charles Henri Baker)

Port-au-Prince—Tuesday’s elections offer a historic opportunity
for Haiti to choose a hopeful path for the future, according to a
senior campaign aide for Charles Henri Baker, an independent
candidate for President of Haiti. Patrick Gardere, the director
of the Baker campaign, said, “Voters in Haiti want positive
change in their daily lives, and that’s what they get with
Charles Baker. Charlito talks about a new path, a new way, a
new Haiti, and people all around the country are responding to
that. The people are telling us that they want a new Haiti that
will move forward in peace, security and prosperity. They are
telling us that Haiti needs a new leader, and Charlito is that
person. Haiti needs someone who has the strength and
courage to lead, and the character to stand up to the forces
that are trying to divide this country. Tuesday elections can be
the beginning of that road to a better society,” said Gardere.