News from Haiti

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Thousands Greet Charlito in Canape Vert (Charles Henri Baker)

Thousands of supporters cheered Charles Henri Baker, Independent candidate for President, at a huge Saturday afternoon rally in Canape Vert. Charlito was greeted by scores of singers and dancers as he entered the town square for one of his last campaign rallies before the February 7th election day. Before his address, Charlito held Haiti's flag aloft, and joined in as the crowd proudly sang the National Anthem of Haiti.

In his remarks, Charlito told his supporters about the people he had met throughout Haiti during his campaign for the Presidency and their common desire for peace and prosperity. He reiterated his pledge to serve all of the people of Haiti, and to work tirelessly for a society where all Haitians could life safely and prosper.

Charlito said, "Our campaign has adopted the motto “Law – Disciple – Order – Respect.” We honor LAW because it strengthens our society and protects the weakest among us. We honor DISCIPLINE because our collective efforts must be joined and organized smartly and effectively for our common goals. We honor ORDER because it permits our people to live their lives, free from gangs, free from bullies, free from kidnappings, free from murder, free from the type of terror that has become all too common in our beloved Haiti. We honor RESPECT because we believe that all Haitians are God’s Children, that they have value and that all must be treated fairly and equally. This motto inspires this campaign and it will inspire our government."