News from Haiti

Monday, February 06, 2006

Cheering Crowds Greet Charlito in Lully (Charles Henri Baker)

Lully, Haiti, February 5, 2006. Many hundreds of cheering supporters greeted Charlito as he visited the coastal community of Lully Sunday afternoon on the final day of his campaign for President of the Republic of Haiti. Scores of villages met Charlito as his caravan arrived from Port-au-Prince. Men, women, boys and girls sang and danced as they escorted Charlito through the village and to a central square where he spoke to hundreds of Lully residents. In his remarks, Charlito told the crowd that the state should serve the people of Haiti, and that as President he would demand accountability from all parts of the government. He said that he would support the development of youth sports program so that Haiti’s young people would have an opportunity to become great athletes. He said that Haiti had some of the finest soccer players in the world, yet they did not have the same opportunities to play as did the players of other countries, such as Brazil. He said that he would support the establishment of hospitals, schools and universities, along with programs to help villagers buy boats and inputs for local agriculture.