News from Haiti

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The Haitian Flag: In Distress (Charles Henri Baker)

Port-au-Prince, February 7, 2006. The national flag of Haiti that sits behind Charles Baker’s desk in his Delmas headquarters is upside down. Why? According to Hans Tippenhauer, a senior Baker aide, the upside down flag is an international symbol of distress and Charles Baker uses it to symbolize the plight of Haiti at the present time. Said Tippenhauer, “When ships at sea are in trouble, they set their flag in an upside down position to alert other ships that the ship needs assistance. Haiti is in trouble, and the country needs assistance. Charlito believes this flag, in this position, indicates our current situation. When Charlito is elected President and the prospects for change in Haiti improve, the flag will be restored to its rightful position.”