News from Haiti

Monday, February 06, 2006

Hundreds Welcome Charles Baker at Final Campaign Rally (Charles Henri Baker)

Arcahaie, Haiti, February 5, 2006. Charles Henri Baker brought his campaign for the Presidency of Haiti to the coastal town of Arcahaie Sunday afternoon. Charlito walked through the town, accompanied by nearly a hundred singing and dancing townspeople, on the way to a huge rally in the town square. Along the way, Charlito stopped and greeted many people in little shops and in houses. With the background of drummers, residents chanted “Charlito, Charlito, Charlito,” and joyfully sang the campaign songs.

In his remarks, Charlito said that he was a candidate for President of Haiti because no one else had stepped forth to offer a plan for Haiti’s future. He said that wanted to restore the country’s pride and greatness and would do so with the people’s help. He said that the people of Haiti deserved better roads, and schools and health care and that he would work to provide reliable electricity, water supply and jobs. In response to a question from a man in the crowd, Charlito said that agriculture must be a priority for Haiti. He said that he would ensure that there was an large and effective Ministry of Agriculture that would help provide information, inputs and financing for Haiti’s farmers. Charlito said that he could not come back to the town and he would not be able to look the people of the town in the eyes, if there was no improvement in their lives. He declared that he would return to the town, that he would look the people in the eyes, and that they would celebrate their progress together. The crowd numbering over a thousand cheered wildly.